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Welcome to The Bible Project


Thanks to generous donations to The Bible Project the goal of shipping 200 Bibles to Lima, Peru will be accomplished. The order will be placed the first week of February and all the glory goes to God.

After much prayer and planning I'm officially kicking off the "Bibles to Lima" campaign through The Bible Project.

I have set a goal of sending 200 Bibles to The Prince of Peace Church in Chorrillos Lima, Peru and I'm asking for your help in achieving this important mission.

The cost to send 10 cases (20 Bibles per case) was a stunner to say the least. Unlike the shipment to Lahore, Pakistan last Christmas this endeavor is more expensive due to Bible League International not having a location in South America to ship from.

One hardcover Bible which is in Spanish translation (Reina Valera 1960) Old & New Testament costs $10.04 each but the cost to ship that one Bible is an additional $8.86 for a total of $18.90 apiece.

In short, the goal of shipping 200 Bibles will cost $3,780.00 but God will provide the resources to send His word to an area of the world in much need.

I have already received $255.00 in pledges and I ask that the many good people who visit this site, follow me on Twitter and my Facebook friends consider contributing or contacting someone who may have the resources to aid in this most important outreach ministry.

If you're not familiar with the struggles of Lima please do some research, particularly with regards to the children of that part of the world.

If your connected with an MAIS school board or in an administrative position I would love to speak to your students and share my testimony and the life struggles of those in Lima.

If you cannot contribute I plead for your prayers.

God Bless,
Darron Thomas
[email protected]
985-750-3455 cell/text

A few days after Christmas 40 Bibles were delivered to the Foursquare Gospel Child Ministry in Lahore, Pakistan from The Bible Project. The Bibles were in Urdu translation and were distributed among the church members. This was possible only because of donations to The  Bible Project.

I'd like to personally thank  The University Academy of Cenla President/CEO Marc Kelly and Simpson Academy Athletic Director  Winston Mullins for their generous help in spreading God's word.

The next campaign will begin soon. If you're interested in supporting the Bible Project or want more information about The Bible Project click on the  CONTACT tab above.

Below are photos of some members receiving their new Bibles.

In the southeastern United States there is an area known as The Bible Belt. The phrase was first coined in 1924 by Chicago Daily Tribune journalist and social commentator H.L. Mencken who noted the high concentration of church attendance in this region, comprised of fourteen states, as compared to the other regions of the nation.

It’s not hard to take for granted the wide range of choices Christians living in The Bible Belt have when it comes to worshiping God. Small towns in “The Belt” often consist of more than a handful of churches and/or denominations for individuals to choose from and going to church on Sundays is still a way of life for millions.

Most worshipers enter into their church services with Bibles in hand and for those who don’t, God’s Holy Word is usually readily available in the pews.

Worshiping God has never been more accessible for those who seek salvation through Jesus Christ as it is today. We are clearly instructed to continue to spread the Gospel as Jesus said in Matthew 28:19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Another area that is taken for granted is our freedom to worship without fear. Our families can worship God and fellowship with our church families absent of concern about our personal safety from those whom have extremely radical and unbiblical beliefs. We see the devil at work daily in those who go to no ends in attempting to halt the spreading of God’s living word through violence and persecution.

God has put on my heart a charge that has led me in creating a tool to help spread His word. He gives us all certain gifts and talents but we sometimes take those gifts and talents and use them in ways that aren’t pleasing to Him and to be blunt, wasteful.

I recently learned of the plight of Christians in Lahore, Pakistan and God then put on my heart exactly how I can use the talents and gifts He gave me to aid Christians around the world that overcome true persecution and hardships in spreading His living word.

In a nation comprised of 97% Muslim the Foursquare Gospel Child Ministry in Lahore is doing God’s work amidst harsh and difficult surroundings. Christians in Lahore face obstacles that we here in America and The Bible Belt can only imagine but they forge ahead in leading the lost to Jesus Christ.

What they desperately need is obvious, our prayers, but they are also in great need of God’s word in their native language which is Urdu.

Young children need Bibles and the vehicle to equip them with God’s word is Bible League International.

The Bible Project has committed to shipping forty Bibles in Urdu translation to Foursquare Gospel Child Ministry in Lahore, Pakistan.

The approximate cost is $10.20 per Bible which includes both The Old and New Testaments.

I ask that you pray and take into consideration helping to fulfill this very first shipment of forty Bibles through The Bible Project.

I have met many of you personally over the past several years while covering MAIS athletic events through Southern Sports & Travel and I’m confident you will help in what will be the first of many outreaches in spreading God’s word, if not financially, then in prayer.

For more information, questions or just encouragement please email me at [email protected] or feel free to call 985-750-3455.

God Bless,

Darron Thomas